Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan said ‘it is the worst week in the history of bigg boss’

Bigg Boss 13: Salman Khan said ‘it is the worst week in the history of bigg boss’

BIG BOSS 13 weekend ka vaar Salman Khan shows his anger on the housemates for all the physical battle that took place in that week. The situation of Bigg boss house is worse.

Salman Khan begins the show communicating his mistake over the contenders’ conduct over the previous week. He says that seeing their mentality and conduct, he is never again intrigued by the show.

Salman Khan’s regard is additionally in question as fans and watchers, who don’t watch the scene on weekdays come to see him on ends of the week. He has taken a long time to manufacture his picture from Salman to Sallu to Bhai. He demands them not to ‘screw his picture’.

Salman Khan tells the competitor ‘bhad me jao’ and says that this week was the worst week in the history of all the Bigg Boss season.

Salman asked Asim and Sidharth to stand in the witness box (katghare) and asked Mahira as she was in the kitchen on what topic was the fight on. The fight was all over the fruit Shehnaz wants to eat (apple & orange). This disappointed Salman that simple fruits can make battle like this in the house.

Different housemates reveal to Salman that it was a sense of self tussle that had to develop.

Salman advises the candidates to be embarrassed about their conduct. He likewise pummels Himanshi for battling with Shehnaz with no justifiable purpose. He tells that on the off chance that she had such a significant number of grievances against Shehnaz, at that point she shouldn’t have come inside the house.

Afterward, he moves towards Shefali’s captaincy. Shefali gets an earful for being an out of line and one-sided ‘sanchalak’. Different housemates additionally concur that Shefali was halfway and one-sided.

Shefali tells that she had no close to home enthusiasm for anybody turning into a skipper. She says this additionally demolished her companionship with Sidharth Shukla. Salman tells Sidharth was not off-base in his turn and he played it easily to win the undertaking.


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