Ajith surprised his wife ‘Shalini’ on her birthday

Ajith surprised his wife ‘Shalini’ on her birthday

We all know the birthday is a special day for everyone. S. Ajith turned 40 on November 20, 2019, and her husband Ajith organized a surprise party for her. He proved that ‘He is the husband of the year’. The gathering Ajith tossed for he got her off guard left her flabbergasted.

The party was organized in Chennai at “Leela  Palace”. Her husband invited all his friends without informing her. Ajith told his wife ‘Shalini’ that they are going to have dinner with his family in the hotel.

Since Shalini wants to eat by the seashore, Ajith picked the ideal inn for the night to make her vibe extraordinary. He booked the whole lobby for the festival and enhanced it with photographs of Shalini from her youth to the present day. She was incredibly glad to have commended her birthday with her caring spouse and her school companions.

Ajith and Shalini are one of the most loving couples in Kollywood. They got married to each other in the year 2000 just after a romance. They were working on the movie “Amarkalam” and they started loving each other. They were dating each other for many years and then they take the next step.


Shalini left the film industry after her marriage. But Ajith continued his career in fil industry and now he is one of the superstars of ‘Kollywood’. Ajith has worked for many film producing companies.

Now Ajith is ready for his upcoming movie “Valimai” (H Vinoth is directing this movie). Bonny Kapur is going to produce this movie. His fans are waiting for his new movie.


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