Selena Gomez reacts to Justin Bieber photos

Selena Gomez reacts to Justin Bieber photos

Selena Gomez seemingly responds to Justin Bieber’s latest Instagram post. Niall Horan reveals his relationship status with one of the previously mentioned pop stars plus Ariana grande. Kylie Jenner are about to drop their new collab watch the Lipton and family from Hollywood Life with your pop star roundup reloaded let’s start with something positive like Justin’s new track 10,000 hours with Dan and Shay just became the pop stars tenth single to reach number one on the digital song sales charts this feat now has Justin tied with Drake and Eminem that is until playboy car D drops a whole lot of red and smokes a comp.

we all know Justin’s tumultuous relationship with the paps he went viral after Trent claw won and viral after running over another by accident well now a map is getting revenge on Justin by suing him for copyright infringement when he posted a pic of himself without permission obviously if we can’t show the image but it’s still on Justin’s Instagram.

I think it’s fair to say it’s a pretty lousy pic to be sued over is it too late to say sorry anyway let’s rip the band-aid off and talk about Selena Gomez I’m leaving ok then that was always allowed sorry J Lee fans notice that Selena posted a throwback picture of herself in middle school sometime after Justin shared several pics from his childhood perhaps these pics are a response to a social media trend. I was not aware of a bunch of her call Selena’s mom did Instagram stop JD’s page the day of his wedding to like a shady Jelena comment thought we wouldn’t notice but we did I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if Selina saw Justin’s photo and felt compelled to post one of her own I mean it’s adorable but Ari that’s in the past let’s talk about the present Selina has been all smiles recently and many fans think that Niall Horan might be the reason after they were spotted together however the former one dear opened up about Selita on Sirius XM and revealed they’re simply friends with benefits who friends with benefits in the musical variety who friends with benefits and that they share common space and interests who this ship went one direction and landed nowhere fast but I write to a friendship with some real benefits Ariana grande Kylie Jenner might be teaming up to make the greatest track of all time.

Kylie released a cosmetics warehouse tour video on YouTube and this one moment suddenly went viral rise and shine yes Kai money hit that note everybody’s been memeing this clip and Kylie even reacted to someone dubstep remix 10 most horrible thing I’ve ever heard anyway the point is Ariana grande took notice and is requesting to sample it for a new track, of course, Kylie said yes as long as she’s in the music video.


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