Priyanka Chopra: Love, Life and Making it in Hollywood

Priyanka Chopra: Love, Life and Making it in Hollywood

Priyanka Chopra Jonas loved life and making it in Hollywood. The latest movie of her “the sky is pink”, I mean this movie is beautiful and it’s such a good reminder to celebrate life and it’s the only film from Asia to have a gala presentation. I soon discover why this movie means so much to her, how proud she is of this film?

She is super proud on many levels, one because the subject matter is such which she related to. Tremendously every one of us has lost someone we love and this is something that she really did when she lost her dad. She flipped the narrative, her mom and her brother decided and they gonna remember the good times. They gonna celebrate his life, so they had his favorite band, they had like music playing around his funeral because he loved music so much.

So when Shonali came and talked to her about this movie it was something that she did personally as well with the loss of her son. It just resonated with her so much that at that time she was trying to figure out which is gonna be her comeback movie. She really wanted to do one and then she came on, as a producer on this movie as well so it’s her first credit as an active producer and her first movie credit as Priyanka Chopra Jonas so just it’s like on so many levels.

Priyanka is hands-down the most successful Bollywood star to cross over to Hollywood juggling work in both industries. Her latest film the sky is pink hits close to home and not even planning her big day could stop her from making the best film. Possible she did this project during a very busy time in her life did big in an opportune time. She was working on this project up until four days before her wedding. She had committed to the movie yeah at that time and the wedding kind of sprung up on her as most people know it kind of happened. Nick was so immensely supportive because she was on a movie, he flew down early and he was there for about ten days and he handled the last bit of it because she was filming and he’s to come to set for a bit and go back and handle like logistics and everything else of the wedding.

Based on a true story the film follows the relationship of a couple played by Priyanka and Farhan Akhtar over the span of 25 years old, from the perspective of their deceased teenage daughter. She just nailed the role of a mom I mean it was beautiful because she’s not a mom she’s kind of had to really depend on the women around her so the woman that she’s playing oddity she depended a lot on her. First of all what was her story what was her journey like and Shonali herself having lost her son she really depended on her director and her mom.

Her mom is a super possessive ferociously protective of her Cubs kind of tigress woman like she can’t stand tears in our eyes like she’ll do anything and her characters like that knew she liked to fight to the death for her daughter and her children and she guesses she really relied on the people around her

Couple’s whirlwind romance all started back in 2016 when Nick slid into Priyanka dm’s and after keeping their relationship a secret. The two made their first public appearance at the 2017 Met Gala shortly after they start to get flirty on social media. With blossoming romance things start getting serious fast and after shutting down a Tiffany and Co store in London to personally pick out this four-carat cushion-cut sparkler on July 19th, 2018 while on a birthday trip to Greece NIC pops the question and asks Priyanka to be his wife.

So in love, it didn’t take long for these two to become man and wife and just five months after their engagement the celebrations for their multi-day wedding begins in India. The venue the outfits the parties on December 1st Priyanka and Nick marry for the first time in a Christian ceremony officiated by Nick’s dad Priyanka stuns in a custom Ralph Lauren gown as Nick gets emotional watching her walk down the aisle. The next day the two do it again this time in a Hindu ceremony where the bride wears a red Linga while Nick looks sharp in a traditional Shawanna.


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