Cardi B is worried to cook for offset’s family

Cardi B is worried to cook for offset’s family

Cardi B is worried offsets family won’t like her cooking. Cardi B opened up to people mag and revealed she doesn’t plan on cooking. The rapper is headed to Atlanta to spend the holiday with offsets family and when asked if she’ll be pitching in with meal preparation Cardi said no I could help mash up the potatoes know what I’m saying why all want me to peel some vegetables I could help with that later.

In the interview, Cardi admits that if given the chance she thinks she could make a really good mac and cheese the robber said ‘I don’t play with my mac and cheese either so I feel like if I’m gonna go in and do it I’m gonna do it good but I don’t think they’re gonna trust me’.

Let’s talk about gold link yesterday the rapper posted a photo of Mac Miller with a lengthy caption that reflects on his time touring with Mac in 2015 and accuses the late rapper of copying his and after that we didn’t talk out what gold link describes Mac as being extremely supportive of the album but then claims Mac’s stole the concept for the Divine Feminine – of gold linked main pieces of evidence if you want to call it that is Mac’s lead single featured Anderson PAC just like his own did and Mac had selection the label gold link released the album under support him on the Divine Feminine tour. As a whole the entire post is a giant backhanded compliment to the late rapper with gold link appreciating the platform Matt gave him in one sentence but then accusing him of being a thief in the other Twitter has been on fire, many people calling gold ling a jealous hypocrite and accusing him of stealing from shamino and joy pastel the rapper is also being dragged for waiting until Mac isn’t around to defend himself.

To make these accusations and fans aren’t the only ones upset Anderson PAC whose name was brought up twice in the post about Mac made a lengthy post of his own dragging gold link for quote disrespectful narcissistic jealous and gross unnecessary post Anderson said in part ‘you are not the first to make an album inspired by a relationship you are not the first to make a song featuring Anderson PAC but you are the first to disrespect my friend who is no longer here’. He continues saying ‘whatever issues you had with Matt should have been addressed in person and ended there, what’s the point of bringing this up after his passing and disrespecting his name you really woke up feeling like this was the move so far goldlink hasn’t reacted to any of the backlash and to be honest that might be for the best’.


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