Jaden Smith gets emotional meeting Tom Holland

Jaden Smith gets emotional meeting Tom Holland

Jaden Smith is giving out more water boxes and reveals why you shouldn’t toss out pennies. Jaden Smith the hill reports his nonprofit just donated a fourth water box to Flint Michigan. It’s a mobile filtration system that can filter heavy metals and bacteria from multiple gallons of water per minute. This is also helping reduce the amount of plastic bottles being used which has become a bigger issue. It also might be the plot for the ‘Aquaman’ for star-lord film titled starfish the big flipper onto this Jaden Smith Margaret Whaley and Miranda July performance art that’s many people scratch their heads which is essentially the point I think Margaret and Miranda have been posting videos about each other and apparently a break off though Miranda’s married however things kick up a notch when Jaden Smith responds to one of the videos wanting to help their relationship out it’s a little confusing bear with me later the two posts they’re Facetime convo about Miranda’s videos with Margaret and how it started Jaden suggests they do a haze on circle to help heal and bond them which involves the use of pennies and you know what the water bottle did and then her response I was just me and these two like I feel like I can really help you know have you ever heard of a hazy on circle haze John circle have you ever seen like a bunch of pennies just kind of like scattered like on the ground okay I have totally think that is bad and you know we’ve seen it that’s an easy answer.

Alright so let me show you just some of these instructions so you can kind of just up you get a feel for it so the circle can be any size but all the pennies must be touching devotees enter the circle you should probably be writing this down because it’s kind of the steps thing I this sounds so beautiful but I don’t I don’t think you know how I am like so no see that’s the thing that’s what hazy on circles are for it’s for this type of love same thing I don’t think you understand how you gonna feel after this.

After this you’re gonna feel like two glowing paper lanterns just blowing in the wind filled with each other’s love but this is serious like like this is the real deal I’m gonna let this ruminate in my brain capsule because I don’t really know how to react to any of that yet – something Jaden is having a hard time processing meeting spider-man for the first time look how emotional he is seeing tom it’s adorable moving on to bad baby. She recently received backlash over her box braids with people claiming it to be cultural appropriation however her reaction to the hate seemed to make things worse and she was accused of insulting black women Daniel wrote another post trying to clarify some of her original statements well now Danielle’s revealing she’s done dealing with these problems and the faith she writes I’m gonna keep it real I’m not fit for this fame I’m too real nobody can handle the truth I’m back in Florida with my family living my best life I could give two apps about this famous you know things are bad when someone says they’d rather live in Florida Jaden Smith might need to put his two cents in literally.



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