Kourtney Kardashian caught with Younes Bendjima!


kendall Jenner new slapping back de belem indeed dating rumors to capture six nines girlfriend’s calling off set up for lying about the DM and Justin Bieber’s leaked song but first we got some fresh Kourtney Kardashiant yeah Evan I can’t wait to hear what you think about this. Kourtney Kardashian and Eunice Benzema we’re seeing partying together in Miami until around 2:00 a.m. I said they looks very much like a couple they were talking laughing enjoying the music they also ported Lee look like they were avoiding being seen together.

I believe that they could definitely be entertaining the idea that they’re getting back together I think we when they broke up and then Kourtney had her wasn’t at her birthday party and he was there and they were reportedly not together I mean I don’t feel like this relationship ever really died and we have heard of them being seen multiple places together since they have broken up we know around good terms like they’re very cordial with one another but I just feel like if you’re kind of weaving and ducking and you don’t want people to see you to me that is a little more evident that something might be going on definitely.

I can definitely agree with you on that one and I also feel like if they are in a relationship or dating and they don’t want people to find out do we’ve seen so many couples pop up out of nowhere and they’re like we’ve been together for a year or wearing rights or whatever be more discreet about and then don’t be like ducking and making it obvious and they were in the we know the corny was definitely in Miami of course the whole Kendall thing but yeah I agree I think this is definitely something to keep an eye on I think that the potential for reconciliation is definitely there may be around the holidays.


It will kind of become clear Scott has definitely moved almost Sophia I feel like he spent “Thanksgiving” with her so I feel like maybe Kourtney now is kind of getting in that spirit of like I do want to be back with you nest yeah she’s experiencing cuffing season that’s true I don’t know though I feel like she’s still need someone a little older a little more mature but for some reason she always goes back to you yeah Eunice is very young especially to be dating a woman who has three children that’s kind of weird but whatever there’s something there because he is the only one that she’s really sustain a relationship with since Scott. we’re definitely gonna have to keep an eye on that.

But we’ll talk about kendall Jenner, it’s in the meantime in the meantime family you guys was caught straddling Bella Hadid while they were laying out in Miami apparently everyone’s going to Miami this winter for our passel but yes you guys Kendall and Bella is started to go around people are freaking out about it and of course the theory started up again that they are dating kendall has had her sexuality questioned more than once she dress it to Vogue. Last year saying that she flat-out is not gay she wouldn’t hide that on the morning tea you know some of the tea tribe were letting us know that the weekend has alluded to the fact that Bella’s bisexual so I think when this picture came up people definitely took it and ran with it so I have been thinking about this moment a lot ever since we talked about it on the morning tea just because to me.

It looks very staged they’re both dressed to the nines in like kind of wild little bikini outfits you know denim jeans like it looks like it’s for a photo shoot and then we saw some people in the tea tribe saying that they did see photographer is like 10 feet behind him which could be paparazzi but I mean all the paparazzi. I think though it’s a hired I think it was a professional photo she’s meant to look like yeah they just got caught Messing you’re like joking around that’s what I think I definitely don’t think they’re dating thinks that it was just a playful moment that unfortunately plays into a narrative has dealt with for the majority of her adult life but I really don’t think anything’s going on and she did take to Instagram to kind of clap back and clarify her relationship with Bella.

She posted a slew of Instagram pictures from Miami and she wrote friends and Bella commented on it was in one of the pictures who is the guy that Kendall’s kind of been linked to intermittently since Justin and Haley’s wedding and then Courtney is also there too which makes sense why she was partying with unis ethical baby. I just think that people probably took this a little far out of proportion yeah wouldn’t you say I agree and also if Kendall actually is gay she does she couldn’t come out.


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