Kylie Jenner posts a video of Stormi snowboarding and it goes viral


Kylie Jenner posted a video of Stormi snowboarding and it goes viral instantly and Jordyn Woods responds to people saying she dissed Khloe Kardashian.

Khloe Kardashian reveals she’s forgiven Jordan woods and Jordan is accused of tossing the olive branch in the trash plus stormy can snowboard. kendall Jenner Kendall and Bella Hadid have been breaking the internet with their bikini bodies in Miami but KJ is about to destroy the simulation with help of Harry Styles. Harry is set to substitute for James Corden on the Late Show and will be joined by his rumored ex write down the opening monologue jokes.

Courtney and her ex Eunice were spotted together at live a partygoer tells the two looked very much like a couple but also looked like they were trying to keep to themselves and not be seen they apparently stayed in the corner of the club like that one guy in high school who tries to play it cool but really just doesn’t know how to dance.

Corps and Eunice reunion isn’t recent they’ve been seeing each other for several months and they’ve been very private about it they’re moving slow but they are a couple so I guess this is a huge spoiler for Sunday’s episode when Kim and Chloe investigate who’s the man behind the hickey on their sisters neck if you bring the cameras here it’s so disrespectful and B if I have boundaries I respect them just because you love to show every single thing because she likes to show every single thing I don’t like now to the realty with Coco because she just posted a lengthy letter to fans about Tristan Thompson and Jordan.

Chloe spoke about last week, she seems to be warming up to Tristan again after the previous scandals fans think this means she’s interested in being with him again and others are calling her out for not sharing the same energy with Jordan Woods. Chloe reveals she doesn’t hold any negative or hateful feelings towards anyone and while she does not accept their behavior she has essentially forgiven Tristan and Jordan.

However things got super interesting when fans checked out Jordans story to see a repost that reads some somewhere is still discussing the ojou because they can’t have access to the new you she also made sure to write fax 100 however it didn’t take long for Jordan to address this tweeting not every quote that is posted is a sub or a clap bag and not everything posted is directed towards one person in general I deal with a lot of different daily it’s all love only positive vibrations to store me she’s going viral this time showing off her snowboarding skills.


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