Rashmi shocked by Arhaan controversy of loan and son!!


Here we get to Know about last Saturday weekend ka vaar about Rashmi and Sehnaz awful behavior and also about Arhaan’s controversy and his son and shockingly four finalists.

Bigg Boss 13 -This weekend ka vaar in Bigg Boss, Salman Khan talked about all that happened in whole week. He let all the house members to speak first then he spoked on the matter.

Salman started with Rasmni, he asked her to say all that happened with her in whole week, she talked about the doll that she made and named “Mahi”. This all started with Sehnaz when she started acting like Shefali Zariwala by making lips like her.Then Rashmi and her mates made that doll and all that was awful for Salman.  He was anger on both Sehnaz and Rashmi. Then all the matter started to end on Siddharth, his aggression and anger. But Salman just refused to talk about him as he just made so efforts to make him clear that he should control all this by joking, by anger but he not understanding that so he just said to leave this as he don’t want to talk about that.

Salman just switched all the concern on Arhaan Khan, he asked Rashmi does she know something. She just noded her head in No!. Salman just shift her focus on Arhaan and asked him to tell Rashmi. He said on national television i need to say, Salman mentioned that he only had brought outside talk in the house when he was talking to Paras Chabra, so he also brought this. Then Salman forced Arhaan to tell Rashmi, Arhaan said she know about the controversy. Controversy was all about his  living relationship and loans. Salman said tell about your family who all are there.

Arhaan mentioned her father, mother, brother and sister. Salman said and what about your son. This shocked Rasmi and all the house members as Arhaan had never mentioned that he had son. Arhaan said to Rashmi that he don’t live with his son and there are no loan issue. He left them to discuss about that.

Salman also asked the members other than Mahira, Arti, Shefali Bagga and Madhurima to move out of the house. He opened the doors. He also mentioned that they get there four finalists.


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