Emma Watson promoting her film on a Instagram

Emma Watson

Emma Watson some of us regulating that since she’s been heavily promoting the film on an Instagram. She may not feel the need to do any additional press but others think that since she’s one of the bigger names in the film she might be laying low – let her co-star shine what do you guys think.

First of all, if I signed up for a film with four people and one of them thought that just throwing it up on Instagram was and not getting in this hair not getting in this makeup not doing these photos not doing this whole press thing. I would legit be upset I would not be upset with my co-stars because you never know what goes into somebody else’s contract I would be pissed with the production company in the studio.

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I never sent I feel like if you are doing X amount of work and you cut your co-stars are falling short of that I don’t think that’s right. There might be details that we don’t know about maybe she’s going through something or she’s not feeling or whatever it is but Emma Watson. Timothy Xiaomei Saoirse Ronan like these are all meet your stars like it’s not like this isn’t Harry Potter didn’t come out last year.

I mean Emma Watson is a bona fide star I’m not saying that she’s not but I don’t think she’s too big to not do press for her movie. We don’t know what’s going on behind this head I mean Emma Watson you know she is self partnered so she might just want to she might be in a relationship with herself I mean you never know I feel like you do a movie you got to do the press but maybe.

I don’t think it’s the Instagram is I think if I don’t think she thinks promoting it on Instagram is enough. I think there’s got to be another way I’m so sure to talk about it because you know she’s gonna spill the tea and her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes.

Emma watson

I think it’s super weird but that’s why I think there’s more behind the scenes that we don’t know because I do think when there’s a lot of big names on a movie like that everyone shows up and you want to show up because they’re not showing up but yeah it’s like you can tell them there’s a riff because they’ll do press and different like some will do the LA show some will do the New York shows and they’ll split them up.

And it’s bare like I’m very weird about that stuff like I can pick up on things like that do you think there are riffs. I mean I just think there’s more to it than by agree with that’s it for today’s daily pop but don’t worry we do it every day that’s right.


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