Billie Eilish Refuses Ariana Grande and New Collabs Shades

Billie Eilish

Bili Eilish is currently blowing off DMS from your favorite artist of shading Princess Nokia Plus Ariana grande is accused. Shawn Mendes has emotional on point. Kylie Jenner dropped a cool twelve thousand on a custom beanie baby bear.

Kylie reportedly saw the super rare bear at Halley and Justin Bieber‘s recent charity auction. The website says LA-based artist Dan life has already dropped the bear off to the beads who will hand-deliver it to Kylie and before you judge her just bear in mind the amount from this auction benefits LA families.

It is not just some costly toy for stormy but all ideal enough. Justin and Jenner let’s talk Gomez SEL took to Instagram. This week to wish her fans a Merry Christmas and to show off all her hard work revealing.

Billie Eilish

She signed 4,000 copies of her upcoming album rare and as if that was not impressive on its own she also revealed. She’s got 6,000 more to sign her hand is gonna desire a vacation by the time January 10th rolls around and speaking of vacations.

Shawn Mendes definitely needs one after wrapping up another successful tour Shawn hit the road back in March. In more than a hundred shows later the pop star was overcome with emotion as he delivered a speech to his final crowd in Mexico.

I get to come on stage every evening before from the most incredible people and speaking of wrapping up tours Ariana grande finished her sweetener world tour. At the Forum in LA on December 22nd the next day she dropped her very first live album titled ‘que bye’.

For now, SWT live the 32 track album captures each the tour’s magic including the guest appearances from Nicki Minaj Big Sean and Childish Gambino in addition to re speaking to her fans. And that in-between song banter one of my favorite elements of concerts seems to have sparked.

Some rumors Ferrari as fans think she shaded Princess Nokia earlier this year ari was hit with plagiarism claims from Soulja Boy and Princess over the song.

Seven rings Nokia even posted a clip noting the similarities between seven rings and her own song mine in the clip. Nokia says does that sound familiar because that sounds really familiar to me on Artie’s album the pop singer starts off her performance of seven rings by saying exactly the exact same thing to the crowd.

Owing to that fans is convinced she’s mocking Nokia and when taken out of context. I can totally see why but when you listen to everything that already sang on stage. she’s kind of referring to her costume change ari puts on a jacket asks the crowd.

billie eilish

If it’s cute and then pretends to not understand what’s written on it. I got it sounds familiar does that sound familiar doy’ all know this song meanwhile the instrumental is playing in the background re is simply playing around.

Teasing what’s coming next in the show but I must admit it’s a bit too much of a coincidence that she chose to do it right before seven rings but ok – bili Eilish now because following her explosive 2019 everyone’s curious how she’s gonna control the airwaves at 2020.

And who she’ll do it with however Billie is breaking some hearts and revealed to spin she is not interested in doing any collaborations at the moment. Billie said I don’t like working with different people. I get really in my head and weird I don’t like mixing friendships with music for some reason.

I don’t even play songs for my friends till they’re fully done. I don’t like people watching me work and I’m doing pretty well on my own so I’m okay aka everybody else. I went platinum with no features these other artists on my jock searching to get clout but get your mediocre hands away from my music.

Billie also spoke to the Guardian about this and said collaborating doesn’t really interest me it’s a question. I get all of the time and I genuinely don’t wish to it is not against anyone, I simply don’t feel the need.


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