Hollywood Celebrities Contribution To Australia Busfire

Australia Busfire

The volunteers and countless organizations and funders of the firefighter are doing their very best to help people and animals. The richest people around the world are not standing apart and are donating money.

One of the most famous Aussies Chris Hemsworth was among the celebs to increase awareness and inspire other celebs and his lovers to follow his lead. 1 million bucks adding lanes to support the organizations and charities that help combat the disaster of the firefighter were donated by Chris himself.

One more her husband Keith Urban and indigenous celeb Nicole Kidman joined the efforts. As Nicole said Keith and I are pledging five hundred thousand dollars to each of the services fighting with the fires right now. The heavy metal band Metallica pop-rock singer pink and Aussie native Kylie Minogue have donated the sum of a thousand dollars.

On Tuesday the 7th Elton John disrupted his concert to express despair and his sadness over animals and the people who are currently suffering in the fires. And announced that he is donating 1 million dollars.

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner also pledged 1 million bucks but it appears like it could have just happened after she faced criticism. But we can’t be sure she made a gloomy post about the animals dying in the fires which were accompanied by a poster for sporting $1,450 Louis Vuitton mink fur slippers.

While making contributions is volunteer-based and people should not be pressured to do so people found it very hypocritical that she talked about dying animals and then wore clothes made from fur. Kylie afterward wrote a post stating that she contributed a million dollars to help fight the flames.

Her sister Kim posted a tweet nothing gets me heated than to observe people think that they understand what we contribute it to and to believe we must market everything.

Australia Busfire

Kim K faced more backlash from people stating that they essentially post about everything that they do. When Kim composed a tweet saying climate change is real lovers reminded her that nature contamination is contributed to by her family flying in private jets.

Celebs are not only donating money but are also starting fundraisers so that their fans vowed to and can join the struggle. Comic Celeste barber started the aim and a Facebook fundraiser was to earn 20 million dollars. And today it’s already increased 41 million Australian dollars which equal 28 point 5 million u.s. bucks.

And has officially become Facebook’s largest ever fundraiser people around the world are joining forces to assist individuals in need.


Margot Robbie recorded a message saying that she made a donation telling her supporters it asked them to contribute what they could as each dollar matters and only takes a few moments.

Margot Robbie

Ellen DeGeneres chose to help people come together and began with an Australia bushfire relief GoFundMe effort. The aim to raise 5 million bucks as she stated on her show I love Australia, I love Australia so much, I married an Australian, right today Australia needs our help.

Wildfires have been burning for four weeks and with heat. The Canadian sweetheart Shawn Mendes announced a partnership involving Shawn Mendes Foundation and the Red Cross to assist those in need and will also donate.

He said every time that I’ve been to Australia I’ve fallen more in love with all the people and wildlife join me and support relief efforts. Celebs are not simply making gifts and establishing fundraisers but also put in their clothes to help.

Fleabag author and celebrity Phoebe Waller bridge partnered with Rousseau and designers Ralph who made her golden globe suit that she will now auction and the money raised will go towards aid in Australia


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