Family Reunion Part 2 Is Coming Soon On Netflix

family reunion

Netflix has revived the multi-generational live-action comedy show “Family Reunion” for another season.

Loretta Devine, Tia Mowry-Hardrict, Anthony Alabi, Talia Jackson, Isaiah Russell-Bailey, Cameron J. Wright and Jordyn Raya James will return for more of M’Dear’s house cooking and McKellan’s dance moves.

“Family Reunion” follows the McKellans who proceed from Seattle to Georgia to be closer to family. However, the transition is similar to being a catfish from water. Founder Meg DeLoatch and veteran producer will function season two, which has been provided a sequence by the streamer as showrunner and executive producer.

Netflix has also declared that the series is going to have a Christmas special launch on Jan. 19, along with nine new episodes from season 1 launch on Jan. 2020.

The show stars Mowry like Cocoa McKellan, a mum who travels in the city with her family and has to know their clan. Devine portrays the loving but matriarch M’Dear, of the household, and Alabi and Cocoa’s husband play.

Rounding out the cast since the McKellan kids are Russell-Bailey as Shaka, Jackson as Jade, Wright as Mazzi, and James as older Ami. Season 1 of the series was produced by DeLoatch and led by Eric Dean Seaton.


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