Bigg Boss 13: Shehaaz, Mahira, Shefali, and Asim’s family members enter Bigg Boss house

Bigg Boss 13

The episode starts with the mother going into the home post that the latter hugs and conducts of Mahira Sharma. She hugs everyone like Sidharth, Arti Rashami, and Paras. She asks him if he can be slapped by her that leaves everyone in breaks. She states that she’s quite beautiful and cites his girlfriend Akanksha. She advises him not to talk in between and let her take her stand and asks him to kiss Mahira alone.

She counsels Shehnaaz and Mahira due to Paras to not struggle. Later on, she meets Vishal and Madhurima too and goes. Mahira faces her mum to get scolding Paras to what the latter states she has not done anything. She makes Mahira know the reason for stating. Meanwhile, many others and Rashami tug at Paras’ leg. She takes to depart from everyone not.

Later on, Vishal and Madhurima participate with a nasty spat. After a time, the daddy of Shehnaaz enters the home. She was excited and hugs him with an article that he amuses everyone. He advises her that her match is now feeble. He interacts with Madhurima and Vishal. Shehnaaz is advised that Paras Chhabra is her enemy within the home.

He informs her that she’s currently playing with a game. Shehnaaz informs him that she’s an attachment with Sidharth Shukla’s article he states that he enjoys it and SidNaaz is trending out. Also, he makes her promise she won’t cry.

Bigg Boss 13

He states that she is being prompted by Paras from Shehnaaz and that Mahira is a fantastic man. Also, he cites that Paras is the one who informs of the time to Mahira around Shehnaaz. Thereafter he meets another housemate.

He shows to Mahira about Paras’ game that leaves everyone in breaks. Also, he cites the’jealousy’ phrase that was introduced by Paras. Later on, she was told by Shehnaaz to inform Sidharth about her dad.

Paras about anything he advised that he attempts to supply his explanation are confronted by Mahira. Arti informs Shehnaaz she won’t ever talk between Sidharth and the former. The doorbell rings again and now the husband Parag of Shefali enters your home.

He matches everyone out there. He asks Shefali to be respected by Asim and warns him to not act with her. Also, he advises Asim that someone outside is awaiting him and didn’t get married. Everyone begins pulling the leg stating that the individual Parag is speaking about of Asim is Himanshi.

Parag matches with Vishal and Madhurima and goes. Also, he asks her to perform at the front. When Parag is going to depart, everyone asks him. He didn’t say much but suggested a bit. Shefali informs him that it’s, in actuality, Himanshi who’s awaiting him.

Shehnaaz states she understood the connection with her boyfriend of Himanshi worsened since the latter couldn’t tolerate anything inside the home. Asim states that he doesn’t need anything to go to due to that she’s delivered a message to 29, that Arti claims that Himanshi adores him wrong.

Mahira and Shehnaaz talk with one another and do Shefali and Asim who hug each other. Rashami Shefali had informed him concerning the latter is told by Asim. Asim says that he enjoys being motivated about matters that are his match.

He explains facing Vishal and Rashami which he is not affected by the words of Parag. Paras takes his frustration out who attempts to pacify him stating that everyone’s parents will talk about the ones that they despise.

Bigg Boss 13


The housemates awaken by listening to a song the morning after. Sidharth pulls the leg of Rashami asking her if she wishes to get tea. Post this, both of them participate with a humorous conversation. Later on, Arti speaks roughly Arhaan to Rashami. Rashami claims that matters will be solved out.

Arti states that when she had been in the place of Rashami she would have ousted Arhaan from her entire life. Rashami states because she didn’t need to expand the things within the home, she didn’t respond. Later on, she breaks down in front of Arti stating that she’s felt alone and she can’t stand matters.

Paras speaks roughly Shehnaaz to Mahira. He states he has attempted to clean out things because of the start between Shehnaaz and Mahira. Later on, Asim speaks roughly Himanshi to Shehnaaz. Besides, he says he used to employ her cologne because he loves her.

Shehnaaz and Rashmi become involved with a nasty spat regarding Madhurima’s combat another day and Vishal. The article in which Sidharth asks her the reason for the same is broken down by Rashmi. Since the latter is yelling from approving Rashami Shefali attempts to prevent Sidharth.

Arti’s leg is pulled by Asim talking about Sidharth Shukla. Arti gets. Asim and Sidharth participate in some interesting conversation. Shefali informs Madhurima it was her and Vishal’s error another day.

Madhurima gets irked and asks her to not exaggerate matters. Vishal comes straight back and taunts Madhurima by saying that the term karma.’ Madhurima starts her struggle and comes from jail for quite a while. She throws water in Vishal and gets mad. Sidharth attempts to pacify Madhurima but informs her that she’s gone by throwing water wrong as of today.

The rings after a while pole that the brother Umar of Asim arrives to meet with him. Both of them hug each other. He satisfies everyone within the home. He advises Asim that everyone around the world adores him. Asim inquires Umar about the thing of Himanshi and tells him anything Parag explained.


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