Netflix: “Airplane Mode” Release date, plot, cast

airplane mode

All you need to know about this Brazilian comedy series “Airplane Mode”.

Netflix has in the past few decades, diversified into a great deal of content that was global, providing audiences with many different shows and movies. The variety’s merchandise has witnessed a boom in shows and movies from areas that are normally from American viewers. One such instance is the forthcoming humor’Airplane Mode’.

According to a script by Alberto Bremer, the version ‘airplane Mode’ or’Modo Aviao’ is composed of Alice Name-Bontempo and by Renato Fagundes. The film is directed at César Rodrigues and created by the manufacturing firm, by Cecilia Grosso Luiz Noronha, and Samanta Moraes A Fábrica.


airplane mode

By the official Netflix synopsis of the movie, “After Anna, a young social networking influencer, crashes her car due to her addiction to her cellphone, she’s grounded and sent for her grandfather’s farm with one catch: she is not permitted to use her phone.”

Dreamt of getting a stylist one day. Life comes from the way. All of a sudden, she dropped everything to turn into an electronic influencer for a renowned brand referred to as”Authentic Fashion”. Ana spent a chunk of her afternoon posting movies and images to promote the brand. She got hooked on her phone and her standing within an influencer to a level, it began impacting her life. One afternoon, while utilizing her phone because she pushes, she had an automobile crash.

That’s where her parents decided to intervene. From this instant on, Ana has been made to escape from social networking. They send her to a farm owned by her grandfather Germano in the countryside, where she’s to experience a digital detox.

Initially, she felt bloated. A city child, she wasn’t only unaccustomed to life in the countryside however she missed her websites and phone. But things change.
Ana goes through a trip of self-knowledge from supporting her grandpa to repair his Mustang with his mum along with João to finding stories about her loved ones out, Antônia, who has a workshop in the area. And she finds love.

Release Date

‘Airplane Mode’ premieres on Netflix, just on January 23, 2020.


  • Larissa Manoela as Ana

The celebrity, voice actor, model, singer, author, and influencer, started her career. She’s most famous for playing the character Maria Joaquina from the soap opera’Carrossel’.

  • Erasmo Carlos as Germano, her grandfather

The singer and songwriter is a musician in the nation. Carlos was a face from the 1960s scene. His most well-known songs include Senado A Beira Do Caminho’,” Mesmo Que Seja EU’, also Festa p arroba’.

airplane mode

It starts with a morning Ana waking up and logging to want her followers. Her parents are annoyed with her dependence on the phone after she dropped her car on eight occasions in one month busy on her phone. But they could do little about it.

Ana is her entire life on her phone, documenting each element of her life that is manicured that she is broken up with by her boyfriend while she’s live on a feed that is societal.

Shortly Ana matches not the typical, with a significant injury and she ends up at the hospital. She awakens craving to get her phone, but her parents place their foot down. She’s soon sent off into the countryside. And her grandpa is one tough cookie.

We see scenes of her attempting to correct with plantation lifestyle, almost reminiscent of the 2007 American dramedy’The Ultimate Present’. However, this is the start of a trip of self-discovery where she recognizes her lovers that are online know her ego, not the real her


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