This song broke the record of Khesari-Pawan Singh’s songs

hello koun

Along with Bhojpuri films, people also like Bhojpuri songs a lot. Not only is the search for Bhojpuri songs on YouTube quite high, but singers continue to compete strongly to stay on top of the Bhojpuri music industry.

Pawan Singh and Khesari Lal are among the few legendary singers of Bhojpuri. But these days one song has broken the records made by both these singers.

The song is sung by Ritesh Pandey and the title of the song is ‘Hello Kaun’. This song was released on YouTube on December 9 last year. The song was released on a YouTube channel called Riddhi Music World and has been heard over 24 crore times till now.

hello koun

The song has not only been heard quite a lot on YouTube but people have made many videos on applications like Tick Talk and Hello on this song.

If you look at the record of Khesari Lal Yadav’s songs on YouTube, then it took 3 years for Milad Mard Hamke Bhool Gileu Hai to earn 32 crore views. On the other hand, if we talk about Pawan Singh’s songs, then this song was uploaded on YouTube in the year 2016 and it has been heard 300 million times since then. Talk about Ritesh Pandey’s song, he has sung it together with Sneha Upadhyay.


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