Jessica Simpson opens how she turned to alcohol and pills to deal with pain

Jessica Simpson

Actor and singer Jessica Simpson have written a memoir titled ‘Open Book’, providing fans a peek into her life. According to Page Six, the memoir contains she began to rely on alcohol as a means to handle anxiety and her battle with booze and pills with ex John Mayer which led her to feel that she killed herself.

Simpson admits she found pleasure and she switched to pills and alcohol to deal with pain.

“Thanks, @people for assisting me to share my own story. There is beauty on the other side of dread and that I expect my truth might provide help. I can not wait to discuss #OpenBook on you,” read the caption of her Instagram article which featured her on the cover of People magazine.

 Jessica Simpson

Simpson, in her memoir, has written that after undergoing abuse she strove to self-heal herself with medication and alcohol.

Career pressures led to the anxiety, which induced her to acknowledge she had been in issue, reported CNN.


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