Netflix: Epic Nature Documentary ‘Night on Earth’

Night on Earth

Netflix has announced its next epic character documentary following Our Planet will probably be Night on Earth which premieres internationally on January 29 at 4K Dolby Vision.

Netflix’s Night on Earth

Disney has obtained National Geographic and created the material available through Disney+. Netflix, on the other hand, looks decided to build its portfolio of character documentaries from the bottom up.

After releasing its amazing Our Planet documentary, narrated by David Attenborough, in April 2019, Netflix will follow up with Night on Earth in six elements after this month. It’s narrated by Samira Wiley and created in partnership with all the group behind Planet Earth II.

“If the sun goes down, a brand new world awakes. New technology shows the wonders of this world in a new light. We find that a side of creatures and the world landscapes. Night on Earth on Netflix. January 29th,” the firm stated.

Night on Earth

Like Our Planet, the forthcoming Night on Earth character documentary will be accessible in 4K resolution and Dolby Vision HDR. It ought to look magnificent on TVs using luminance control and their blacks.

With Night on Earth, Netflix can also be demonstrating that Our Planet wasn’t a one-off. The business has ambitions to take part in which audiences connect with established players like National Geographic, BBC, and Discovery. And Netflix gets the funds to pull away from it.

Night on Earth will premiere internationally on Netflix on January 29, 2020.


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