Not only in the film, but Kangana Ranaut has also taken big ‘Pange’ in real life too

kangna ranaut

Kangana Ranaut’s film ‘Panga’ has been released. The film depicts how Jaya (Kangana) struggles with challenges to fulfill her dreams again. By the way, let me tell you that Kangana not only in the film but in real life also takes a lot of pangs. She always keeps her point and talks openly on any issue. So let us tell you that Kangana’s biggest pangs are so far.

Kangana’s mess with Saif Ali Khan

Recently Saif Ali Khan made a statement that India did not exist before the arrival of the British. However, Saif is also being dragged on social media for this statement. Many questioned Saif’s knowledge of history and his history. So when he asked for a reaction to Saif’s statement during an interview with Kangana, he said, “If there was no ‘India’ according to Saif, what was ‘Mahabharata’?” And what did Ved Vyas write? ‘

Kangana also said that some people hold their views which they think is right, but in the Mahabharata, Shri Krishna has clearly stated that India was still present at that time. He said that even in the olden times, different kings have fought for a common identity which was called ‘Bharat’.

Kangana molests Nirabhaya’s killers from Indira Jaisingh

Kangana Ranaut recently targeted Indira Jaising while speaking to the media during the premiere of Panga. Indira Jaisingh had appealed to Nirbhaya’s mother Asha Devi that she should forgive the culprits. When asked for his reaction to Kangana on this statement, he said, “The womb of women like Indira Jaising produces rapists, such women should be kept in jail for 4 days with rapists.”

kangna ranaut

Kangana further says that they should know what is rape and what is its punishment. For so many years, his mother and his father have been suffering, what will be the condition of the whole family.

Deepika Padukone in front of JNU dispute

Deepika Padukone went to JNU when she came to Delhi for the promotion of her film Chhapak. Deepika’s visit to JNU came in a lot of controversies. When asked about Kangana Ranaut’s reaction to Deepika’s visit to JNU, she had said, “It will not be right that I give my opinion on Deepika’s stand.” I can just say what I do myself. I will never stand behind the ‘tukde tukde’ gang, whatever happens. I do not support these people.

Messed with journalist

During the promotion of the film Judicial Hai Kya, Kangana had a big mess with a journalist. He argued with a journalist during the promotion, which later grew considerably. Kangana accused the journalist of writing wrong things for herself, after which there was a lot of debate between the two and then this debate had become a big controversy. After this case, the Guild of India demanded to buy Kangana and her film.

Wrangled with Queen’s director Vikas Bahl

‘Queen’ director Vikas Bahl has been accused of sexual harassment by a crew member of his team. After accusing Vikas, Kangna made big revelations about him. Kangana had said, ‘I completely believe her (woman). Despite being married at the time when we were shooting for the film ‘Queen’ in 2014, Bahl used to boast to me that he used to form relationships with a new girl every day.

Kangana had further said, ‘Whenever we met, he used to hold my face tightly on my neck and sniff my hair. I had to put a lot of effort into removing them.’


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