Khesari Lal created a romantic outing with Kajal Raghavani

Kajal Raghavani

In the Bhojpuri cinema, the magic of Khesari Lal Yadav plays well on the fans. Khesari Lal’s films and songs make a big sight on seeing. This time the song of Khesari Lal Ka is becoming very viral. This song has created a boom on the Internet. Kajal Raghavani is seen opposite Khesari Lal in this video.

Bhojpuri cinema is well-liked by the pair of Khesari Lal and Kajal Raghwani. The films and songs of this pair are eagerly awaited by the audience. The video of both these stars’ new song ‘Le Gail dil odhani se dhon ke’ is currently on YouTube. In the song, the romantic chemistry between the two stars is very much liked by the audience.
Khesari Lal and Kajal Raghwani’s hit song is trending on YouTube. In this song, the fans of Khesari Lal and Kajal Raghwani are very fond of their dance and romance. The song has received millions of views so far.

The chemistry of Khesari Lal and Kajal Raghwani looks fantastic in this song going viral. The fans are very fond of both of them. The way Khesari Lal is dancing with Kajal Raghavani, anyone will become his fan.


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