Salman Khan grab phone away from fan seeking selfie


It’s not often we find Salman Khan in a foul mood, but today was an exception. The celebrity, who led to Goa to get ‘Radhe: The Most Wanted Bhai’  shoot, was captured on camera fuming because he left the airport.

On his way from the Goa airport, the celebrity was spotted looking quite mad since he left the terminal. A buff standing on the door faced his anger when he attempted clicking a selfie together with the celebrity at a space. But on arrival in arm’s length of this guy, Salman was spotted snatching away the phone and walking towards his car with the man following near asking due to his phone back.

Going by previous instances, Salman said that he always enjoys and obliges lovers who ask his consent to take his photographs and selfies instead of doing this with no knowledge.

The movie which has gone viral online has abandoned the netizens split whether this sort of behavior is acceptable or not. When some fans felt that it had been unpleasant rather than polite of their celebrity to act in this fashion, others encouraged him felt that individuals should ask stars for his consent.

From inquiring if the guy got his phone back into phoning Salman”Angrybird”, here is how fans responded to the movie.

Salman led to Goa this morning to combine with his co-star Randeep Hooda, as they take their next action movie which also celebrities Disha Patani from the lead. ‘Radhe’ is scheduled to launch on Eid 2020.


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