Sunil Grover, Katrina Kaif Come Together To Support A Good Cause

Sunil Grover, Katrina Kaif

The Bollywood cinema area has aged well since its beginning. Movies generally in Bollywood have come a very long way concerning articles and storytelling. The lovers recognized and have loved that the character of movies that are being churned out and they also have appreciated cinema generally through the years.

Katrina Kaif, Sunil Grover come together to encourage children’s theatre. Katrina Kaif was seen at an event that generates and celebrates content. The business generates its job and can help to introduce kids. An entertainment portal quoted it which the partnership to be special was discovered by Katrina. She went on to state that she believes that this is a fun way to let kids take part in the processes of building a movie.

The manufacturing company, Called Picture Pathshala, was co-founded by Shweta Parekh and Ayaan Agnihotri. They have gone on to create over 200 movies in the past five years based on an entertainment portal. These films are screened in over 47 movie festivals. Some clips from these pictures were screened in the event.

This event’s organizers resisted Salman Khan for his service, besides, they resisted’Reserve a Smile’ for becoming a service to them for decades. Her husband Atul Agnihotri along with Salman Khan’s sister Alvira was current in the occasion combined with Sunil Grover, Arbaaz, and Sohail.

Addressing the children Sunil said he loved the movies and was amazed to find the maturity exhibited in the 25, He wished them the very best for their future jobs and said they were gifted, based on an entertainment portal.


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