As Selena Gomez Loses Top Spot On Instagram Her Album Earns Top Spot On Charts

Selena Gomez

Earlier this season, Selena Gomez’s studio record Rare premiered, and it is already seeing a lot of success.

Selena Gomez’s highly-anticipated third studio record Unusual premiered earlier this season, and it is already seeing a whole lot of success. The album debuted in the top area of this Billboard 200 graph, but Selena’s popularity with fans might still be in question as she’s lost her place since the most-followed female star on Instagram.

Selena Is the Most Popular Female Celebrity of No Instagram

Selena Gomez was the star on also the celebrity along with Instagram. Over the last year, she has been surpassed by two.

Selena still boasts an impressive following of 167 million fans on the social media platform, but Dwayne”The Rock” Johnson now has 170 million followers and Ariana Grande has 173 million followers.

From posting on Instagram Selena has expressed concern and takes breaks, so Ariana and The Rock gained an edge by participating with supporters frequently and submitting continuous content.

Selena Put Apart Distaste For Social Media To Boost Album

Though she stays incredibly popular with lovers on the internet, Selena disclosed her distaste for Instagram and similar programs at a meeting using Variety this past year and blamed social websites for a lot of her creation’s issues.

“I believe our planet is experiencing a good deal. I’d say for my creation, especially, social websites have been dreadful,” she said.

As it came time to advertise Rarely, nevertheless, Selena set her feelings around Instagram aside and began making daily articles to assist her follower’s countdown into the record’s launch and attempt to improve earnings.


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