Bigg Boss 13: Akanksha Puri takes payback from Paras Chhabra

Akanksha Puri

Bigg Boss 13 is among the shows on tv and is among the most adored shows on tv. Now grab the headlines with this Akanksha and Mahira Sharma.

The latter has confessed he publicly wished to split up with Akansha, and before entering the Bigg Boss home he wished to put an end but it had been. All this appears to have irked Akanksha who is in revenge manner.

Akanksha Puri was captured chilling using the ex-contestant of Bigg Boss after refusing to ship Paras Chhabra clothing for this particular week. They made a movie that went viral. We hear Ajaz calling Paras Chhabra ‘Gadha’ which he deserves Mahira Sharma.

We see that the woman laughing as Ajaz and he predicts Akanksha Puri lovely defames her boyfriend Paras Chhabra.

Akanksha appears to be in no mood. In yesterday’s installment, we watched Paras becoming agitated with the taunts.


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