Netflix Cancelled Another TV Show After Its Series Premiere


If you have been a fan of Netflix‘s musical play ‘Soundtrack’, there is some bad news in store for you. The show was canceled after a month and 1 year at Netflix later it was released in December. Soundtrack joins the ranks of other one-season cancellations online streaming support, such as Tuca & Bertie, No Good Nick, Chambers, and Daybreak.

Netflix originally picked up Soundtrack a few months later Fox decided to pass on the series and gave it a more straight-to-series order. The show starred Jenna Dewan — that hosted Fox’s dating series Flirty Dancing — Callie Hernandez, also Paul James one of a lot of different actors. Soundtrack followed the love tales of a diverse group of individuals residing in Los Angeles.

The show, which was made by Josh Safran, was initially titled Mixtape and also had the personalities lip-synching hit tunes including Sia’s”Elastic Heart.” The show was received by critics when it had a Rotten Tomatoes rating of 38%, even though it’s significant to be aware that the rating is based on eight testimonials and triggered. Viewers, on the other hand, seemed to like it somewhat better, and also the show netted a 93% viewers rating based on evaluations that were 137.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Josh Safran — that functioned as the Season two showrunner for NBC’s Smash — might have had an inkling that Soundtrack was a”large swing” creatively. This is like displays are not to do, why he chose to tie the narrative after the first season of the show rather than leaving audiences.

It does make me wonder about the Netflix strategy, Though the cancellation is unlucky. I had not heard of this series leading up on the service to its premiere and I would venture to say it was to see on Netflix. It probably did not help that the first trailer was published just two weeks before Soundtrack premiered, which makes it effortless for the series to go undetected from the Peak TV era.

But it might be claimed that Soundtrack was possibly overshadowed by The Witcher Season 1 and You Season two, each of which originated on Netflix in December and created a great deal of buzz from critics and audiences alike. In any situation might be, it appears Soundtrack did not pick up enough steam to warrant Netflix hammering it for Season two.

While the streamer does release every show’ ratings Netflix execs demonstrated the metric used to capture audiences, which depended on an opinion in the event the contributor watched at least 2 moments of film or a show. Following Netflix, that is “long enough to signify that the decision was deliberate.”


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