Tony Kakkar confirmed Neha Kakkar with Aditya Narayan’s Wedding

Neha Kakkar with Aditya Narayan

Aditya Narayan and Neha Kakkar would be from the city!!

They theorized and much-hyped Valentine’s Wedding on 14 February about Idol 11’s point was spreading like fire.

And as we look into the D-day, amidst which doubts about if that is currently happening for actual appear to get played upon.

Aditya Narayan enjoying his mentor’s celebration on this Sony TV show’s record was earlier seen by us. Kumar Sanu gifting Neha was also seen by us.

Aditya is going to be viewed observing along with adoring and his Valentine, Neha Kakkar inside this week’s Indian Idol 11.

We also have reported concerning the love birds wherein they’re shooting the forthcoming single, with time in Goa. Together with it being led by Piyush Bhagat and Shazia Samji Neha has sung together with brother Tony Kakkar.

Now, here is additional biggie news… And this time it’s brother Tony Kakkar declaring his sister Neha Kakkar’s wedding which will occur on 14 February.

As Tony states this is her single tune before marrying Aditya on 14, you can take a look here.


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