Sana Khan calls Melvin Louis a liar for cheating on her with multiple girls

Sana Khan

Former Bigg Boss player Sana Khan is going through a rough patch in her love life. The celebrity is heartbroken because her connection with choreographer Melvin Louis has come to a bitter finish. In her interview with BT and the most recent article on social networking, Sana has made several shocking revelations, wherein she’s accused Melvin of cheating.

Sana calls Melvin ‘Disgusting’

Within her social websites article, Sana has discussed it’s taken her lots of guts to open up on her distress. She wrote, “That is my very first n it’s taken a lot of guts from me to come out n talk the truth. Coz some numerous men and women thought in this regard n revealed so much love n respect but sadly, I did not get it from where I must have gotten. This guy is dirt n he’s disgusting regrettably it took me a year to learn coz I thought in him ”

Sana accuses him of becoming a compulsive cheater and a liar

At precisely the same place, Sana included, “I’ve taken a stand for myself coz when I will not no 1 will. He’s a compulsive cheater n a compulsive liar n that is his routine matter to do with everybody because of his fame n recognition. This is the first content free of manufacture but be prepared for the covers onto this.

Sana shows Melvin cheated on her multiple women

Sana wrote, “He cheated on me with numerous women since May/June however there’s 1 woman that stunned me the most softly one I understand that her #shameonyou overlook. I will def inform the entire world ur name at least others understand u till they collab with you. Upbringing things a lot. He wished to marry me and have infants what could he instruct my son n kid??? #toxicrelationship #cheappeople.”

Sana shares She’s suffering from depression and anxiety

In her interview with BT, Sana explained, “I’d loved him with all my heart and has been dedicated to him. What I have in return has bothered and educated me. I’ve developed stress difficulties and am coping with depression ever since.”


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