Akshara Singh awakens people with message for Road Safety

Akshara Singh

Glamorous actress Akshara Singh is among the Bhojpuri cinema’s greatest actresses. Their variety of fans is at lakhs. Instagram, Akshara has shared an image of herself in this kind of circumstance. For his loved ones, he’s given a message Through this picture to know about the road bottoms, which will be going viral about networking. He has posted a message.

Akshara has set a seat belt and has composed -‘Seat belts save lives yours’. In another film, Besides that, he wrote -‘Promise me you will be together with me’. Ever since that time, this film is currently growing viral. Viewers are incredibly fond of the article of Akshara. Through this post, Akshara has emphasized the significance of putting seat belts.

Allow me to inform you that Akshara Singh is. Lately, the tune of Akshara ‘Phone Karen Kya’ premiered along with the crowd, was entertained. The song received a few million views. At precisely the same time, his launch’Laila Majnu’ proceeds to burn at the box office.

Akshara reigns in the hearts of lovers because of singing and her acting. She’s shooting the Bhojpuri movie Shubh hitter Aayo these days. With Kallu, Bhojpuri celebrity Arvind is going to be observed in this movie.


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