Time and again, women are questioned due to this moment and their decisions, the debate started up yet again following writer Taslima Nasreen introduced her views wearing a burqa.

At a tweet, she shared an image of Khatija and composed, “I adore A R Rahman’s songs. But I see his daughter, I feel suffocated. It’s truly depressing to understand that women in a household that is can get brainwashed readily!

But Nasreen was slammed by Khatija and also wrote a note reiterating.

Khatija initially shared an image of passion combined with Carson Kolhoff’s quotation on her Instagram webpage and wrote, “Do not ever mistake my enthusiasm because of ignorance, my calmness for approval, or my kindness for weakness — Carson Kolhoff, In my loved ones people who look suffocated. Please go and get some fresh air”

In the next note, she wrote, “Dear Taslima Nasreen, I am sorry you are feeling suffocated by my clothes. Please buy some fresh air suffocated I am enabled and pleased for what I stand for. It is best to google up what authentic feminism means since it is not bashing other girls down bringing their dads into the problem that I also don’t remember sending my photographs to you personally for your perusal.”

It is not the first time that the Rahman family was exposed to trolling apparel that is vis-a-vis. About one year before, men and women for making later he shared a picture his daughter Khatija wear a burqa trolled AR Rahman.

Netizens slammed for being oppressive to that he responded it wasn’t enforced and his daughter had been wearing a burqa.

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