Bigg Boss 13: Asim Riaz has reacted to trends on Twitter which claim that Sidharth Shukla’s win was fixed

Asim Riaz

With celebrity Sidharth Shukla, Bigg Boss 13 drew after nearly five months, watched TV reality series raising the trophy. Model Asim Riaz that has adjudged up the runners has responded to allegations on Twitter the station was biased, and the outcome was fixed.

He rubbished the claims, including that it had been the love. He had been quoted as stating, “There is nothing like this. Nothing is fixed. I attained till he and here (Sidharth) won the series, all on account of this viewer’s love. Thus, it isn’t repaired, and nothing like this occurred.”

Spotted at the day proved to be a movie, claiming to be in this Bigg Boss studio’s control area. In it, a girl could be observed announcing that both had pooled amounts during voting that resided. It was heard it had been abandoned to pick.

Did Sidharth win the trophy, two hashtags started to fad #HistoricWinnerSid and #PublicKaWinner, together with fans of both contestants producing arguments.

Confrontation has been among the threads that are consistent with this year of Bigg Boss. The celebrities began as friends; however, in almost no time, things soured. From there on, it had been one long string of confrontations. Both had their troubles –Sidharth was publicly accused by a few fellow contestants (like Rashami Desai) of being competitive while Asim was regarded as abusive in tight circumstances.

This year of Bigg Boss wasn’t only high on the play; it had been high on violence with contestants. It was the season where sponsor Salman Khan announced he’d leave the series, given contestants’ character. He’d routinely blast them.

Fed up with Asim and Sidharth fights, allow them to measure out, and he had offered to open up the gates of the home and battle it out. In a buildup for this announcement by Salman, the stated contestants were daring each other, indicating how each would correct another” outside the home.”


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