Kundali Bhagya Preview: Rakhee to convince all that Preeta is innocent

Rakhee to convince all that Preeta is innocent

In the previous episode, we found that Karan informs Preeta he purchased each of the flowers and balloons. Also, he states he wouldn’t buy flowers for any woman. Srishti attempts to maintain Karan but her rickshaw breaks and she decides to return home. Rishabh believes Sarla was appropriate to smack Karan since she believes that he hammered her again. Mahira asks Sherlyn who’s the father of her infant, but Sherlyn refuses to inform her. Karan and Preeta hit the dhaba in which they heard the motorist are. Karan takes selfies, but the motorist who’s the offender follows Karan and finds out Preeta there.

In tonight’s event, Rakhi is currently talking about the kidnapping of Mahira. She tells everybody that those kidnapped Mahira desired to prevent her from hitting the courtroom and rescuing Preeta (Shraddha Arya). Rakhi claims this is evident since it wouldn’t assist her in any 25, that Preeta isn’t involved in the kidnapping of Mahira. Rakhi miracles which are the enemy of Preeta. Will she realize this was the strategy of Mahira?


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