SS Rajamouli calls “KiLiKi” the world’s youngest and easiest language, launches “KiLiKi” website

SS Rajamouli

About International Mother Language Day (February 21), acclaimed director SS Rajamouli has established the official site of KiLiKilanguage. The brand new speech was devised for its terrifying warrior tribe known as Kalakeya from the two-part Baahubali franchise. Terming it as the world’s most youthful and most uncomplicated language, Rajamouli took into his societal handle and composed”It was with excellent research that @madhakarky made the #KiLiKi speech for @BaahubaliMovie. You can learn the simplest language & the planet’s youngest today. Here is the #KiLiKi language website on #InternationalMotherLanguageDay.”

This literary language was produced by famous lyricist and screenwriter Madhan Karky. In an interview with NDTV, the 39-year-old disclosed he coined the Kilikili language spoken from the Kalakeya tribe according to his experience of producing Cliq.

Opening up on the manager’s thought, Madhan stated, “Rajamouli did not wish to categorize the Kalakeyas into any clan or ethnicity, but wished to project them barbaric brutes, who invoke great anxiety. Thus we decided to compose our speech, giving more significance to articulations and clicks. I aimed to interpret this word’s emotion. So I developed a bit over 750 words with this template and then proceeded on to scam 40 grammar rules for utilizing the same.”

Seemingly, KiLiKiLi is your very first full-fledged new language made exclusively for a movie character in India. Modern parallels exist, such as the most Elvish language. Communications were established by George RR Martin, such as Dothraki Valyrian and Marines in The Song of Fire and Ice, which was turned to the tv show Game of Thrones.


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