Filmmaker Kalindi Dave sets her sight on Bollywood, After regional movies

Kalindi Dave

After directing, composing, and producing the Gujarati movie Gujarat to Mumbai along with the Marathi movie Premasathi Anything, Kalindi Dave has set her sights. She is trying to find a script which she can create and direct. Kalindi states, “As soon as I get the perfect script, I’ll roll out the job. In this scenario, I am looking at tinkering with a scriptwriter, although both my movies have been composed and led by me. But if I don’t enjoy any script, then I could write one myself.”

Speaking about the story which she’s searching for, Kalindi states, “I am searching for articles that stand out. I enjoy Type. I wish to produce a movie that has masala, a message to provide, and will amuse the viewer.”

Kalindi, who’s an MBA and has worked in an MNC previously, says getting a manager was a childhood fantasy. “I enjoy regional movies, and I wish to create films in different languages, also. However, for now, my attention is Bollywood, that will be a worldwide stage.”


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