Boss 13 contestant Shefali Zariwala: I am no one to comment on why Paras decided to get married on TV despite getting close to Mahira

Shefali Zariwala

When requested on Bigg Boss contestant, Mahira Sharma, about Dada Saheb movie award allegations Bigg Boss 13 contestant Shefali Zariwala, who usually’s quite vocal about her perspectives, played protected. They had promised that Mahira had claimed to acquire a certification to get her Bigg Boss style from them.

“I’ve not talked to Mahira about the same, and thus don’t have a lot of information,” said Shefali.

She had been cagey when asked about Paras Chhabra, that, after becoming so at the Bigg Boss home near Mahira, has chosen to get married on TV.

“They’re adults, and I am nobody to remark in their career moves, and neither did I take such a measure, so please inquire. Having said I didn’t locate any connection between them, they had a fantastic friendship. Paras and I didn’t hit it off nicely as he said things. But when mum he apologized, I chose to bury the hatchet. Now we’ve got amazing devar bhabhi equation.”

Here Shefali believed that Siddharth Shukla deserved to win. “Many do not like him, for he’s intimidating. He has all of the attributes of a winner, i.e., he’s strong, resilient, and quite stubborn. I don’t think that it would correct to single him out for aggression for many others (Asim Riaz, Paras, me, and other women ) were both loud-mouthed. The home does this, and that’s the game. It’s hard to endure the poking. Many times the struggles that you saw were a response to stuff done and said, which wasn’t telecast.”

She also added, “Shehnaaz has an exceptional character, who knows how to amuse, regardless of how she attained up to now.”

For now, Shefali is currently appreciating coming from the home. “It is fantastic being back with family members and friends. Work-wise, I’m open to more acting provides. A lot is dependent upon your choices, although agreed Bigg Boss is a massive platform. Some winners haven’t rocked it, while others who didn’t receive the trophy still went to do great work.”


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