Pizza delivery boy shares phone number of Tamil actress Gayathri in a group

Tamil actress Gayathri

Lady actress Gayathri Sai made her debut in Mani Ratnam’s directorial ‘Anjali’. The celebrity shared with an incident that occurred with her due to a noodle delivery boy. In a post on Twitter, the personality mentioned that there came a man to deliver pizza in her house, and he appears to have shared it because he had her telephone number for manipulation to the speech.

Since the celebrity was getting calls from perhaps even messages that are suggestive and numbers, she has shared a WhatsApp message’s screenshot to demonstrate with the number was shared by him and has called the pizza out business due to their neglect and refusal to contact her. She asked in the Tamil Nadu authorities for assistance by labeling their Twitter account.

Actress Gayatri Sai has filed a police complaint against the pizza delivery boy who shared her contact number. Gayatri advised fans the ADGP of this Chennai Police had transferred the case. She appealed never to share their numbers and has asked everybody to be attentive and safe.

Tamil actress Gayathri sai

Before in 2018, throughout the #MeToo motion, the celebrity had shared a screenshot of this Facebook standing of a guy who had plagued her and appealed to an action to be removed. A police complaint had filed.

Let us see how the Tamil Nadu police handle this instance.


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