Monalisa’s Bhojpuri Song ‘Kayese Kalaiya Thamayie Piya’ from ‘Desh Pardesh’


Check out the hit on Bhojpuri Tune’Kayese Kalaiya Thamayie Piya’. Music of this video tune’ Kayese Kalaiya Thamayie Piya’ is written by Rajesh Gupta while Vinay Bihari pens the lyrics. The music video of this tune ‘Kayese Kalaiya Thamayie Piya’ features Monalisa and Pawan Singh. The song is from the Bhojpuri film’s Pardesh’ that created by Aashutosh Pandey and Vimal Kumar directs.

Bollywood star Dharmendra and the part of a dad played. The narrative was based on two distinct ideologies of a kid. A guy who comes from overseas ditches his parents and goes to stay with the family of his wife and deals with his masters. To learn more about the newest video tune of Palak ‘Kayese Kalaiya Thamayie Piya’ from ‘Desh Pardesh’ starring Monalisa and Pawan Singh, see the movie. Palak tunes, Rajesh Gupta tunes, New Songs Videos, Vinay Bihari tunes, Monalisa video songs, Naya Bhojpuri Gana 2020, and Singh songs movies.


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