What will happen In American Gods Season 3? Release Date

American Gods Season 3

Are you prepared for this season of Gods’ exciting and dream ride? The season will be a version of Neil Gaiman’s book of the same name.

It is. Gods from African American trickster gods Slavic deities into their afterlife’s early Gods.

Showrunner Charles Eglee will serve the next season of this series, substituting Michael Gree and authentic founder Bryan Fuller and the Jesse Alexander.

Release Date

The time is unknown Even though the series is coming because of its next season. We could see that the second period premiered after flaws in March 2019.

It is guessable the next year will probably be up by summertime 2020 with ten episodes on Amazon and Starz.

The Cast of The Season

American Gods Season 3

  • Ricky Whittle as Shadow Moon
  • Emily Browning as Laura Moon
  • Yetide Badaki as Bilquis
  • Bruce Langley as the technical boy
  • Omid Abtahi as Salim
  • Demore Barnes as Mr Ibis
  • Ian McShane as Mr Wednesday

Ashley Reyes will soon be joining the cast as Cordelia-rebellious informed, also, works for Mr Wednesday.


Relies on Neil Gaiman’s novel, but the series has many modifications that it is difficult to predict what happening Charles H. Eglee.

Might be the period follows new identity and Shadow Moon because he moves into Lakeside of Wisconsin.

The trailer for the season is not yet been released. Well, this is it. Let’s hope the very best for the group for their forthcoming series. 


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