Arrow: These Characters Can Still Appear In Next Season


Arrow took its final bow in January, culminating its eight-season run using a series finale that honored Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen and the Green Arrow’s heritage as Star City’s hero. While Oliver died saving the multiverse and combating the Anti-Monitor from the Arrow-verse crossover, “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” other figures were left to pick up the pieces and continue on after the series finale.

Arrow’s series finale saw the return of several familiar faces, a few of whom had been dead. Together with the multiverse rebooted and most Arrow-verse’s superheroes calling Earth-Prime house, Arrow Allowing everybody from Moira Queen into Tommy Merlyn. Felicity Smoak that had been absent from Season 8 later Emily Bett Rickards’ death in Season 7, arrived together with her daughter Mia and returned to Star City. Meanwhile, the Roy Harper and Thea Queen got engaged, and Dinah Drake stops being captain of the police division.

But now that all of the superheroes exist on a single ground and Star City is apparently crime-free, Arrow’s characters may find themselves called on to help out everywhere. There’s even still an opportunity Laurel, Mia, and Dinah get to kick some butt later on from the Green Arrow and the Canaries spinoff, although the series hasn’t yet been picked up from The CW. With specific character’s futures in the atmosphere, here are six Arrow characters that can nevertheless show up in the Arrow-verse after the series finale.

John Diggle

John Diggle

The John Diggle of David Ramsey is a clear selection for a large number of factors. First introduced Arrow’s pilot incident, Diggle was originally hired to function as Oliver’s bodyguard after an attempt on his own life and following the kidnapping. Oliver attempts to evade Diggle. However, the guy is ex-military and manages to keep up with this Green Arrow. It is not long until the two eventually become friends and partners that are operating.

After the funeral of Oliver, his loved ones is packed up by Diggle and decides to go to Metropolis to get a beginning. Along the road, a wreck leads a box to start. Currently, Diggle could well continue to Metropolis and look in episodes of Superman & Lois, the Arrow-verse’s most up-to-date spinoff ordered to show by The CW.

While he has mostly appeared in episodes of The Flash, possibly getting Green Lantern means he could go to all the Arrow-verse displays to help out as a superpowered being. I could see him showing up on Supergirl, particularly because J’onn J’onzz, Kara Danvers, also Brainy can assist him to grow up to the Lantern’s mysterious ring.

Quentin Lance

Quentin Lance

Portrayed with certainty by Paul Blackthorne, Quentin Lance was released as a detective with all the City police division that was then-Starling in Season 1. The dad of Laurel and Sara Lance, Quentin was very mad with Oliver for quite a very long time, blaming him for the death of Sara (although she was later shown to be living ). After a time, Oliver and Quentin came to admire one another, but he died after taking a bullet.

Arrow’s series finale disclosed that Quentin Lance was alive and well in the recently minted Earth-Prime. Though the character has just ever spanned to The Flash earlier, Quentin could find himself back in Central City’s police department, working alongside Captain Joe West. Now that crime at Star City is almost nonexistent, and the former detective might help out with bringing down the crime rate for Batwoman’s Gotham City because it is clear the Crows are not doing that good work. Obviously, the best alternative is for him to appear on Legends of Tomorrow to cover Sara a trip and perhaps even get in at the time-traveling shenanigans.

Malcolm Merlyn

Malcolm Merlyn

The Malcolm Merlyn of john Barrowman was equivalent portions villainy and snark. Arrow’s Season 1 demonstrated him a conniving antagonist who sought the destruction of the Glades. As a villain who traveled, he functioned Since the Archer. After stepping on a landmine at the Season 5 finale, seasons later revealing that he, not Robert Queen, was Thea father, Malcolm expired.

Even though Arrow’s series finale attracted nearly everyone back from the dead, Merlyn wasn’t verified to be one of them. What is more, nobody really saw him die onscreen, so the villain would go back to wreak havoc at the Arrow-verse. (No one, no passing, that is the fiction principle.) Merlyn was just one of four villains, known jointly as the Legion of Doom, in Season two of Legends of Tomorrow. There is a chance he can go back to the time-traveling series with a nefarious strategy or perhaps appear on Batwoman. I believe he would fit right in with all the corrupt at Gotham City and that he did know where to locate such Lazarus Pits.

Nyssa Al Ghul

Nyssa Al Ghul

Nyssa Al Ghul was introduced way back in Season two of Arrow. Nyssa is a reluctant ally of Green Arrow, along with an outstanding fighter. Nyssa is your ex-lover of Sara, but she mentored and educated Laurel until she became Black Canary afterward, dying for another time. The last we saw of Nyssa, she joined Roy and Thea Harper in their mission.

Not much appears to have shifted in Earth-Prime with Nyssa. Considering that she Talia, along with her sister, are the daughters of Ra’s Al Ghul, they’d be in Gotham City. Nyssa likely won’t appear as a villain on Batwoman. However, she is actively and successfully coached many Arrow personalities, so she may have the ability to instruct Kate Kane something or 2. Now Hawaii Five-0 has formally been canceled, Katrina Law’s program may free up her to reprise her character.

Curtis Holt/Mr. Terrific

Curtis Holt

Later finding the bunker of the Green Arrow Curtis Holt combined Team Arrow in Season 4. Curtis was acquainted with Felicity, and both became friends. While he finally became Mr. Terrific in Season 6, Curtis (Echo Kellum) abandoned Team Arrow to get a new job in Washington, D.C., occasionally returning to Star City to assist his former teammates when needed.

Curtis is the most logical decision to look throughout each one the Arrow-verse shows. By Supergirl into The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow into Batwoman, Curtis’ technician, and coding experience make him an extra advantage to some of those superheroes and their individual teams. While he is now retired from being a superhero, I really could visit Curtis spicing up the Batcave with Luke, hanging out with Cisco over on The Flash as well as figuring out a way to get digital data in and outside of Black Dragon’s inhabited town of Freeland.

Lyla Michaels

Lyla Michaels

Audrey Marie Anderson’s Lyla Michaels was a staple of Arrow because of Season 1, appearing in a few episodes each season. Her job using A.R.G.U.S. has frequently set her at odds with husband Diggle, but it had been in Season 8, even when Lyla became Harbinger and started working with The Monitor, her narrative really thrived. In the tail end of Arrow’s series finale, Lyla and her family were going to Metropolis.

But a recent installment of The Flash verified that Lyla was working with A.R.G.U.S., which makes her next best candidate visit another display in the Arrow-verse. Much like Diggle, Lyla has mostly spanned to The Flash. But given her covert government service standing and the rebooted world, Lyla could offer help to the DEO on Supergirl and also seem to take down the ASA on Black Dragon following year. The most apparent look, nevertheless, could be about Superman & Lois, where she might team-up with Lois Lane if the intrepid reporter wants advice just Lyla has.


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