The Letter For The King, Fantasy Series: Release Date, Cast And Plot

the letter for the king

This new show is crucial for any fantasy lovers.

The Letter for your King is on streaming stage Netflix, a six-part fantasy show. Here is precisely what you need to expect in the brand new adaptation.

What is the storyline of The Letter for your King?

It is a coming of age fantasy narrative that follows 16-year-old aspiring knight Tiuri (Amir Wilson). He finds himself to provide a letter.

If this was not dangerous, Tiuri is doing all this to rescue the kingdom of Dagonaut out of a ruthless prince (Gijs Blom), threatening to plunge it into darkness.

Set against a background of warring armies, castles, and a good deal of knights, Dagonaut’s property should appeal to fantasy lovers.

Author Tonke Dragt, who’s famous for her children’s literature based on the novel.

Who celebrities at The Letter for Your King?

the letter for the king

His Dark Materials celebrity Amir Wilson stars in the lead role as Tiuri. He informed TV and Satellite Week that, “Tiuri is an unsuccessful knight; therefore, he is a little bit of an outcast.

“He needs to make his family proud, but he does not fit, so when he stumbles across a dying knight who wants him to have a letter to the king, he takes.”

Lavinia joins Tiuri, and She is the girl of Lord of the Rings star Andy Serkis, who also stars in this show as Mistrinaut’s Mayor.

Who wrote the screen adaptation?

The show has a selection of writers. These include Riveria’s Stacey Gregg, the Rose Heiney and How to Train Your Dragon ‘s of Fresh Meat.

It is going to be three directors bringing their vision Felix Thompson, Charles Martin, and Alex Holmes.

When can we observe The Letter for your King?

The six-part series will soon be available on Netflix from Friday 20th March. Each episode will run for 50 minutes.

When it is a victory could have yet another setup, although there’s just one time about the cards.


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