Salman Khan requests fans to stop going out and take precautions against COVID-19

Salman Khan

After spending time with his beloved nephew Ahil, son of Arpita Khan, celebrity Salman Khan took into his Twitter accounts to do exactly what every other individual such as actors around the globe is doing a petition to take all the necessary steps to stay protected from the mortal Coronavirus and that manner block the spread of this illness, where he’s observed asking people why they weren’t following rules Salman submitted.

In the clip, the Dabangg celebrity is observed asking people to require it to be a holiday or not to take it as a dare to step out as a joke. He asks them to look at that they’ll save lots of lives, including their own only. Mentioning this is a petition and explicitly asking why is not anybody after this, Salman finished the clip.

Together with these celebrities performing their bit by asking their fans to take all of the safety steps contrary to the Coronavirus, we expect people will take it badly rather than venture outside unnecessarily. On Thursday afternoon, Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, asked individuals to stick to along with Janta Curfew from 7 to 9 pm. Also, he requested the citizens of India stand in their windows and applaud or to step out on their balconies. Along with now, let us hope people follow!


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