Hollywood movie studios suspend release of Box Office data after COVID-19 Tardiness

Hollywood movie

Universal Pictures and Film studios Walt Disney said that they suspended the launch of box office information due to the closure of film theatres to include the coronavirus.

The conclusion follows the weekend in two or more decades in the North American box office.

“Given that the present large variety of theatre shutdowns around the world, Disney will suspend international weekend coverage for now. Wishing you and your loved ones the very best through these testing times and be secure,” Disney said in a statement.

Universal Pictures said it likewise paused the flow.

Film studios release box office receipts from film theatres around the globe that measure the films’ prevalence.

Nonetheless, because of bans on parties, movie theatre chains in the USA, Canada, and Britain have closed down in the last couple of days. Italy, France, South Korea, and other nations have imposed lockdowns at a bid.

Movie theatres in China, the largest market of Hollywood, are shuttered.

Hollywood’s two major film studios – Warner Bros and Sony Pictures – did not respond on if they intended to quit releasing box office information.

Sales in North America last weekend slumped, generating approximately $55 million between Sunday and Friday.


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