Kanika Kapoor Tantrums Behaviour Can Lead To Face Murder Chargers?

Kanika Kapoor

The Uttar Pradesh government isn’t pleased with the manner singer for what was a behaviour that is health-hazardous. Kanika Kapoor is hoping to shield her try.

After she moved to defend her behaviour is currently advised that when any deaths because of the Coronavirus happen around the regions where Ms Kapoor partied and lived in Lucknow, then she might be reserved for murder.

Quarantined at a hospital at Lucknow, Ms Kapoor talked up within her area of isolation about hygiene. The hospital authorities have reacted requesting the singer.

It’s reliably learnt that the Kanika Kapoor problem has been treated in the levels of the Uttar Pradesh government with seriousness.

UP’s health minister Jai Pratap Singh who attended a celebration in Lucknow with Ms Kapoor before her entrance of being infected, is cited as stating, “There appears to be a lapse on the part. I will ask my officers concerning the way Kanika Kapoor went from this airport.”

Kanika Kapoor has support from the Mumbai entertainment sector, with the majority of her friends opting to distance themselves away from her behaviour.

It appears that the Coronavirus is the least of the issues of Kanika Kapoor.


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