Borderlands 3: It’s Probably Pointless To Keep Farming These Weapons

Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 remains in kind of a weird spot right now because I’m not very comfortable farming…anything before we understand more about a bonded approaching listing of nerfs.

At this time ought to be the time until it goes away on June 4, we’re farming the weapons from this event. We are all aware that these guns are evaporating in the event into farming them, but it does not feel like a fantastic idea to ditch an excessive amount of time.

The issue? Gearbox has declared the June 4 patch will nerf enemy health, protects, and armor in Mayhem 7-10 rather significantly. And while a couple of weapons will likely be getting lovers, they have also said that overperforming weapons will get nerfed, which no doubt implies that the variety of these Cartel weapons that, with specific anointments, are ripping up Mayhem 10 even in present wellness value. I think this applies to a number of the Mayhem 6 weapons.

Here Is What I Don’t think it’s “safe” to farm Today, given the coming nerfs:

Cartel firearms:

Borderlands 3

Sand Hawk

There could be more than that, and I don’t understand what I’d select from the loot pool that is overall. Based on Ion Cannon or even Hellshock Nukem.

For the Cartel weapons especially, I suppose that you can keep farming them only if Gearbox nerfs them and they wind up being powerful alternatives, but when nerfs come they come difficult so I would not be astonished to see OPQ System, for example, be nerfed to become unworthy because many Atlas ARs after a pass, as well as Yellowcake, to be nowhere near the room-clearer it is now.

The issue is that I do not know if we will get advice and buffed itself, which places the fourteen times in limbo. I don’t wish to waste my time using a grind to get material that is not likely to throw away, and to be useful, which is looking at guns which are anointments and underused. I feel the play would be to get a break and determine if the dust settles from the initiation of this Takedown on June 4 where we are.


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