Domestic Cooking Gas (LPG) Price Raised From June 1

Domestic Cooking Gas (LPG)

LPG prices are revised at the start of each month, taking under account international rates and the dollar-rupee exchange rate. Check the rates on town.

Liquified petroleum gas (LPG) cylinder rates are improved from Monday following three successive months of reductions. Around Rs 37 has improved the cost of a cylinder of LPG in metro cities.

Indian Petroleum Corporation, among the nation’s largest gas provider, cited again in the global price of LPG for June and added the cost in Delhi has increased by Rs 11.50 per cylinder; Rs 37 at Chennai; Rs 31.50 at Kolkata and Rs 11.50 at Mumbai. The costs come into effect.

LPG prices are revised taking under account rates and the exchange rate.

While it is going to cost Rs 616 at Kolkata Following the increase, the purchase price of a cylinder of LPG that is non-subsidized will cost Rs 593. In Mumbai, the purchase price of one cylinder will cost Rs 590.50 while in Chennai it will now cost Rs 606.50.

LPG prices were falling because of a fall in prices and for three months, costs were cut in India. In contrast, growth is marginal.

In India, LPG costs were rather high Ahead of the catastrophe. In February, a typical 14.2-pound non-subsidized LPG cylinder was priced over Rs 850 in Delhi.

It could be noticed that the price increase won’t impact beneficiaries covered by the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Yojana, who’ll acquire a cylinder that was free until June 30.


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