Big Bang Theory Next Season May Not Happen And What’s The Reason Behind This?

Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik doused water for any possible reunion project for its CBS sitcom later on over fans’ excitement.

A The Big Bang Theory reunion might not occur says Mayim Bialik. Playing with Amy Fowler at the CBS sitcom, the actress simply became a series regular alongside Melissa Rauch, who played Bernadette Rostenkowski in year 4. Nevertheless, she turned into an integral part of the story, especially about Sheldon Cooper’s (Jim Parsons) arc since she ultimately married the notoriously difficult physicist.

Running for 12 seasons, The Big Bang Theory followed the lives of seven friends based in Pasadena – that the majority of these termed societal outcasts. Talks for a year 13 were ongoing until it had been announced that year 12 went to be it is last with Parsons’ decision. The one-hour special finale was full of moments that mostly satisfied its audiences despite a full year that is somewhat uneven. Despite bowing from the airwaves today, it remains popular, with its fanbase growing via streaming.

It may not have been that long since The Big Bang Theory ended, but talks of a teaser series are already going about. Regrettably, it doesn’t seem like it’s happening – at least anytime soon. Not only since the cast members are busy with their various endeavors, but due to some legal limitations as Bialik lately told Metro.

Big Bang Theory

If fans want to see Penny (Kaley Cuoco), Leonard (Johnny Galecki), Sheldon, Howard (Simon Helberg), Raj (Kunal Nayyar), Bernadette, and Amy get together again, odds are that it will happen. Executives can sort out the legalities although she did not get into specifics what hurdles a reunion may face in case plans for it start to form which Bialik pointed out. The forthcoming Friends project demonstrates this point – for years, fans were calling for it to occur, particularly since other classic sitcoms possibly get revived or rebooted. It took a little while longer, but now it’s officially happening.

At this point, the biggest reason why The Big Bang Theory reunion is not in the cards just yet is not due to any legalities. When it has been a bit more than a year when they bid fans goodbye as Bialik pointed, it’s too soon to attract back all these characters on the display. Kicking a revival this ancient would cheapen the show’s finale. The actors are venturing off with projects that could hinder their desire to reprise their roles for a revival. Whatever the case, people who miss the show can get their fix with spinoff prequel, Young Sheldon in the meantime.


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