Have You Seen Sara Ali Khan’s Childhood Pictures? You will be shocked!!

Sara Ali Khan

Sara Ali Khan’s transformation story is an inspiring one. But the reason for her weight was a whole lot more than just eating habits. Sara suffered from PCOD to being among the reasons why she weighed an astonishing 96kgs when she was a college student which contributed.

Now, Sara Ali Khan might be among the most gorgeous and prettiest actresses and influencers of this generation of Bollywood but the journey hasn’t been a simple one. But now when she looks back, she feels proud of how she’s shed those extra kilos to develop into the personality that she is now.

There is a massive difference between how fab Sara Ali Khan and a fit appears now compared to how she looked during her childhood and school days. She has come a long way, from being to becoming the magnificent beauty she is now an obese geek who’s been intimidated by most for her burden.

The internet is obviously filled with some gorgeous photos of today’s Sara Ali Khan however we wish to show you a few photos of Sara Ali Khan’s youth days which will not only leave you amazed and shocked but will even make you respect Sara a good deal more than before.

Have a look —

Sara Ali Khan Sara Ali Khan


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