PUBG Mobile update 7.3 comes with powerful tool C4, New vehicle damage mechanics

PUBG Mobile update 7.3

In exciting news for countless PUBG players across the world, there is a fresh Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds update – 7.3 – coming to the game which can bring a new throwable called the C4.

In exciting news for millions of PUBG players around the planet, there’s a new Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds upgrade – 7.3 – coming to the match which will bring a new throwable called the C4.

While the Sticky Bomb that was introduced together with all the Karakin had been expected by gamers map to function as C4, but the programmers have gone with other programs. Anyway, a few skins, a brand new automobile damage mechanisms and items are being added to the match,

According to the, the brand new throwable C4 is an interesting and powerful tool that gives players new ways to strategically flush out fearful opponents.

Having harm that can penetrate cover and a 25 meters effective radius, players will probably be wanting to run away if they hear that this brick of flourish, the BGR report said.

Despite its short-range, C4 can be used to cut off enemy entrance into a building or zone, or as mentioned above can induce enemies out of their positions.

Included in the new damage mechanisms, vehicles no longer burst instantly upon hitting 0 HP. Instead, engines now get are set on fire, causing the vehicle to explode after 5 seconds and handicapped.

This update’s BGR analysis stated that vehicles that were exploding now receive both linear and angular velocity, instead of just linear. Vehicles will receive increased collision damage when they’re rolled over as they used to in earlier versions.

PUBG Mobile update 7.3

Most vehicles now have harm zones that apply damage multipliers that were different, ” the report stated.

The upgrade also brings back parachute follow attribute which was temporarily eliminated after its addition in Update 6.2 due to some technical issues. At the bottom left of this screen, follow UI will be displayed during the countdown. You can open the map to select a teammate to follow.

Besides these three big additions, an Esports Tab is and the training program on Vikendi has been updated.

PUBG Mobile is popular also by delivering a stream of new content updates, and styles for its own player base, it won’t be losing steam soon.

Produced by Tencent, PUBG Mobile has been termed the top-grossing mobile game by revenue for May 2020 with over $226 million in user spending, which represented a 41 percent increase from May 2019.

App revenue quotes are from Sensor Tower’s Store Intelligence platform.

The honor of Kings from Tencent has been the second highest-earning cellular game globally for May 2020 with an estimated $204.5 million in gross revenue, which represented a 42 percent year-over-year increase from May 2019.

It was followed by 2.2 percentage from Thailand, where it is worked by Garena and known as Garena Realm of Valor. The top-grossing match that is next was Roblox out of Roblox Corporation, followed by Dragon Attack from Coin and Mixi Master.


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