Android 11 Is Available for Pixel Phones, Focusing on People and Privacy

Google Android 11

Google has launched Android 11 beta for Pixel phones after it cancelled the June 3 unveiling occasion on account of the protests. After several programmer previews for the forthcoming upgrade to Android, the OS has reached the beta stage and brings a variety of new features that Google has become three groups: People, Controls, and Privacy. Android 11 beta brings chat bubbles, improved media enhanced control over sensitive permissions and controllers. Furthermore, Google also introduced several new features in Android Studio 4.1 Beta and 4.2 Canary.


In its blog article, Google says it’s making Android much more”people-centric and expressive” so that it could recognise and prioritize particular discussions. The notifications in Android 11 beta are separated into three categories conversations, alert notifications, and silent notifications.

The conversations section that’s on top reveals all the chat notifications that are associated as the name implies. The notifications section shows information while media upgrades are shown by the hushed notifications section. The dialogue section also allows a dialogue shortcut to be created by users or set a reminder.

11 beta introduces chat bubbles similar to what we have seen with apps like Facebook Messenger. This bubble attribute has now been integrated into the OS. Google states this is better for multitasking and keeping conversations in view. Essentially, these bubbles can help users respond to conversations without needing to switch between the app and also the program that is messaging.

Android 11 beta provides improved and consolidated keyboard ideas which offer”context-specific strings and entities” in the suggestion strip. This means customers will receive suggestions while typing. It is unclear if this function with third-party keyboards or is exclusive to the Gboard of Google. Google has implemented a cortex for improved voice access. It creates labels for voice commands that are better and can understand what’s on the display.


A new power button has been inserted in Android 11 beta which provides users with the ability to get their connected devices simpler. The media controls allow for fast switching between devices that are connected to manage audio and video output. This feature could be switched from the developer options.


Google says it is added enhanced control over sensitive permissions. Users will be able to give apps access to the program and mic, camera, or place will ask for access again when it is used another time. If that specific app has not yet been used for an elongated period all the runtime permissions that a program was granted will be flashed. Android 11 includes 12 updateable modules which will enable updates for Android’s components, also, to help in improving consistency, privacy, and safety.

Android Studio

The new attributes added to Android Studio 4.1 Beta and 4.2 Canary include simpler debugging, better device testing with the Android Emulator, easier system learning, and more powerful games tooling. Android Studio has been Google’s integrated development environment for Android and those interested can learn more here.

To get Android 11 beta

Android 11 beta is available for the Pixel 2, Pixel two XL, Pixel 3, Pixel 3 XL, Pixel 3a, Pixel 3a XL, Pixel 4, along with Pixel 4 XL. If you have an eligible Pixel phone, head-on into the enrolment page and you ought to see you qualified devices that are connected with your Google account. After enrolling, you need to get a notification.

If not, it is possible to check for in manually by going to Settings > System > Advanced > System Update, and then tap Check for an update.

However, if you still don’t find the upgrade, go on to the download page to manually download and install Android 11 beta. There are two ways to do this, utilizing the Android Flash Tool or flashing your Pixel phone, each of which has step-by-step instructions.


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