13 Reasons Why – Alisha Boe Expected Viewers To Be Shocked And Very Upset

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13 Reasons Why’s final season is out, and there were as many twists and turns as fans came to expect in the Netflix show. The stars had their own opinions on the entire thing was implemented in addition to thoughts on Season 4 may be received by audiences. Following celebrity Alisha Boe, she anticipated some to be ‘very upset’.

Alisha Boe was interviewed not long after filming wrapped on 13 Reasons Why and ahead of the world saw the last instalment of this Netflix first in June. At the time, the actress told MTV she expected some very angry people, but also some other emotions.

I think the audience will be satisfied, shocked, and probably some will be very upset. Some won’t be. But like anything, it’s a very good way of wrapping up. All the characters get a very solid wrap-up storyline. So I think for me, I was very satisfied and happy with all the endings.

Alisha Boe was certainly right about the “very upset” crowd, as some audiences felt gutted from the series’ major departure of Justin. Then there were opinions from viewers who felt the season could’ve been better, as evidenced by the season’s poor critical reception and audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Since Boe predicted, some were satisfied.

13 Reasons Why

As for what other celebrities thought, Brandon Flynn had any hopes for how viewers would react to 13 Reasons Why Season 4. Flynn said that the knowledge that it had been the Last season lit a fire under him and others to make it”something special,” which translated into a Particular manner he hoped fans would react:

I hope that the audience goes, ‘I really wish I could see what happens next with them.’ Because then I feel like the show really did its job. We’ve created these characters that you’re in love with and you want to watch. And in some weird, meta way, I hope that’s the message, too, that that’s how you should be with people who aren’t on a Netflix show.

As much as it might not be enjoyable to leave crowds wanting more, I can get behind Brandon Flynn’s thought process. An ending makes it feel as though there are tales. It should feel as the living characters in 13 Reasons Why have more to their story because, in their world, they do. I am just hoping college isn’t nearly as busy for them as large school was.

13 Reasons Why is accessible to stream on Netflix. Continue to stick with Entailinfo for the latest happening in movies and television, in addition to for more information on what’s happening in the area of streaming.


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