Where is the main office of PUBG Mobile and PUBG for PC?


PUBG Mobile is a sensation in the gambling community. It can be found on several different platforms like Playstation, Xbox, PC, cellular, etc. the sport has received exceptional appreciation from users, and it is a sport for smartphone players.

PUBG Mobile is performed by millions of users across the world, and players have been prevented by the regular updates into the game from the programmers by leaving this battle royale game.

PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of the movie game company Bluehole developed the console and PC versions of the game.

Tencent, which is a renowned game publisher based in China, meanwhile, created the version of PUBG.

So is PUBG Mobile’s headquarters? Let’s find out.

Headquarters of PUBG Mobile: Where is it situated?


Players, out of curiosity, occasionally hunt for information about the battle royale game and its creators. And to answer these questions: Tencent Games’ headquarters, which generated PUBG Mobile, is present in the town of Shenzhen, China. PUBG Corporation, which developed PUBG PC, is based in Seoul, Korea.

These companies are acknowledged with PUBG Mobile’s production. However, do players know why the game was created in the first location? Tencent Games had secured the right to disperse PUBG PC in China.

Shortly after the deal to the PC version, the game’s version was declared. It received great response during testing in China, and was subsequently released worldwide under the title “PUBG Mobile.”

However, because of a freeze of this acceptance in China, Tencent announced that they would no longer release this game, instead re-released it under the title “Game for Peace,” which might comply with the regulations and rules in China.


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